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Optical properties are the fundamental aspect for bringing out magnificence of a Diamond in addition to its marvelous and most attractive body in its superlative visual graces such as high reflective index, maximum degree of color dispersion, reflectivity and lustre.

Cut is the outstanding factor amongst the other aspects of the diamond characteristics - Clarity, Caratage & Color.

Immaculate cut of a diamond involves symmetry, proportion and finish.

The symmetrical and balanced form of a perfect cut diamond when observed through a Viewer reveals the well-known "Heart and Arrows" pattern. Through the face-up side of the diamond it shows eight symmetrical Arrows while through the pavilion side eight symmetrical Heart shapes are revealed, thus giving a ready reckoner to determine the perfect symmetricality of the cut diamond which lends it maximum life, fire & sparkle.

Quality and Quality-Assurance are the determining factors for price of diamonds.

The diffidence in the buyer's mind due to the distance that separates the buyer from the seller and the stranger - feeling that arises from the absence of personal acquaintance is resolved by, among other features, provision of the authoritative, impartial Test House Report.

Our adherence to international trade practices guarantees the quality and value of the diamonds and reassures the Buyer with a 100% confidence that his purchase is made from the right source. Our business guidelines cover operational quality, cost control, regulatory compliance, employee satisfaction (which elicits their total co-operation) and environmental responsiveness. The Buyer is confident about the product with enhanced trust in the purchase.

For Buyers who require custom-cut diamonds of specific size range and variety, we offer our caring services and attractive quotations on demand. Jewelery manufacturers and suppliers agents can usefully avail of this method of ordering out their needs. Production of full range of sieve viz. -2 to -6.5 and 6.5 to 11 in most recognised shapes like round, princess - square, emerald-rectangle, octagon, marquise, pear, taper, heart, trillion etc. is undertaken.


Shape And Cut : Round Brilliant
Weight : 1.04 ct.
Diameter (mm) : 6.598 (6.56 -6.64) [1.1%]
Total Depth : 60.0% 3.96 mm
Crown Angle : 32.80
Crown Height : 11.9%
Pavil Angle : 42.00
Pavil Depth : 44.6 %
Culet : 0.6%
Table Size : 62.6 % (62.0-62.9)
Girdle Thickness : Sl.thick-thick
Proportion : Good
Symmetry : Good