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Fancy Stone Rough Rock

mother earth's treasures Raw Rough Rustic, Fancy Colorful Rock, 
Agate, Boulders / Chunks / Grit

Naturally occurring Fancy Stone Rocks are mined from selected geo-locations primarily in the South Central and South Eastern lithogenous areas of the fabled Indian Subcontinent.

A Wide range of colors, shades, textures, densities & chemical composition of these rocks recommends itself to varied applications and uses.

  1. Ecologically stable, these rustic rock chunks  & boulders can be adapted as natural decor to suit the choice of end-use, be it garden landscaping, fish ponds, facades or outdoor rockeries.
  2. Aesthetically ornamental, these rocks can also be transformed in the hands of deft carvers and sculptors into statuettes and figurines, bosom necklaces and articles of personal or locational adornment.
Pink Moss Agate
Black Tourmaline
Rainbow Moonstone-Labradorite
Ruby in Matrix
Pink Rose Quartz
Green Moss Agate
Green Moonstone
Light Green Avenurine Golden White Agate
Black Agate Grey Gajar Agate Gajar Agate
Smoky Quartz Red Jasper Navrang Agate
Jasper Plain Tree Agate Camel Agate
PINK AVENTURINE Rock Crystal Green Fancy Jasper
Grey Jama White Jama  

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